Our Teachers and Practitioners

Dana Livoti

Dana is a mystic, teacher and children’s author. She is a channeler who expresses the energy of non-physical beingness through spoken word. In her process of channeling, Dana “becomes” the being that she is channeling through the fluidity of the Universal Oneness of All. Her teachings point you towards finding the state of sovereignty within yourself and becoming who you already ARE.


Angela Kirsner

Angela is a Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Counselor, and Channel of Energy.

All her life, Angela has been led to seek unity with the Divinity within her being. Her path has led her to awaken the God-Spark in herself and in others. We are not separate from our Divinity. We are Divinity here on Earth, as an individualized expression of All That Is.

Angela has worked with many individuals in Spiritual classes and individually. Her passion is to assist others to stand in their power and to bring forth the unfolding and remembering of their Godhood. As we start to connect back into our Divinity, we come to embody the freedom, harmony and limitlessness of Unity with Creator Source.

This is a most GLORIOUS time on our planet. We are not here to observe the celebration and wonderment. We ARE the celebration and the wonderment!

Now is the time to unfold the Divinity within you.

It is time to BE FREE…

Tom Chambers

Tom is a Reconnective Healer, Signature Cell Healer, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor.

Two thousand years ago the Master of love walked upon the earth and by example gave us a code to live by. Love and compassion, and today, at this very moment, we as a collective energy are changing the world. We are planting seeds of love and creating a potential where one day our children and their children will live in a world of peace. Our love is expanding so rapidly and ascension is upon us.

Transformation begins with loving yourself first. We came here to experience all of life in its entirety and what appeared to be our darkest experiences actually taught us how to love more deeply. This is the contrast of our lives.  The warmth of the great sun and all the beauty she provides is only experienced and felt after we have experienced the darkness of night. When we love all that arises, we are indeed living the experience we incarnated for.

I pray that as we travel this journey together our love will grow exponentially and that all will feel the love and light that you are. Let our mantra be Compassionate action.

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Clare Hollywood

Clare Hollywood is an Energy Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, Mystic, Intuitive, Coach and the founder of Healthy Alchemy.

Alchemy is the Ancient Art of Transformation and Clare assists in aligning individuals with their Divine nature. She teaches ongoing intuitive and spiritual development classes as well as workshops on holistic health, psychic development and spirituality.

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Owning her spiritual name, SoulFire is known to be the spark that ignites the fire in one’s soul. Spiritual teacher, yogini, mother, author, pirate, energy healer and awakened being of the new heaven and the new earth, SoulFire lovingly guides and teaches from her own life experience and the myriad of modalities she acquired during her 20 year health and wellness coaching career including: yoga, reiki, Qigong, Thai yoga massage, swimming, personal training as well as the Universal Laws of Science and Spirit. She spent the first half of her life lost in the perceived darkness and is now looking forward to the next part of her journey living in the light as an evolving multi-dimensional human sharing her experience with those open and willing to dream awake. For more information on SoulFire and her services you can visit her at igniteyoursoulfire.com.

Colleen Bjornsson

Colleen Bjornsson is a psychic, medium as well as a spiritual awakening coach. She discovered her spiritual gifts at a very early age. Colleen did not understand the full power these gifts provided her which caused her to struggle with what the metaphysical world was attempting to teach her. As her years progressed her spiritual pathway gave life to an incredible journey of passion and understanding that continues to unfold with each person set in her path. Through significant trainings, mindfulness has emerged, Colleen has a passion for children and adults who struggle to understand their own strength residing within them. Colleen seeks to help them develop their own power, opening their minds as well as their spirit to the intention the universe has for them.

Michelle Elizabeth

Michelle Elizabeth is a gifted healer, teacher and intuitive channel. As an experiential teacher, she utilizes her life experiences and knowledge and shares the tools she uses to navigate spiritually to facilitate healing, awakening and intuitive awareness.

Michelle has an extensive background in metaphysics and universal law. She is a teacher and student of A Course In Miracles for 12 years. Her healing modalities include Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Reiki and channeled writing. Michelle is a certified hypnotist and past life regressionist, and spiritual teacher. She has studied Spiritual/Psych development with spiritual healer, teacher and mentor, Pat Longo.

Pauline Capalbo, PhD

Pauline Capalbo, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, and Channel of Spirit, has assisted many clients, from children to adults, to take control of their lives, by learning to love, heal and empower themselves.

Her journey started in 1988 when she experienced several life-changing circumstances resulting in stress and chronic illness. Limited help from the medical community initiated the quest to regain her health emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Her love for energy work began in 1993 when a first encounter with an Energy Healer miraculously healed her health conditions. The powerful connection between mind, body, and soul was too strong to ignore. Seeing how psychological, emotional and mental patterns affect illness and wellness brought an entirely new perspective on how to be healthy and live with purpose and joy.

In private practice since 1999, Pauline has worked with conditions such as, depression, cancer, infertility, menopause, tumors, cysts, Scoliosis, physical and emotional pain, trauma (past and present life), self-esteem, life issues and more. One of her greatest joys is to work with children with OCD, ADD, ADHD, Indigo, Crystal, Autism, immune deficiency, psychic vision, and low self- esteem.

Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Reiki Master Teacher, Light Body Healer, Master Herbalist/Nutritionist, Thought Field Therapist, Pauline has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, and a B.S. degree in Human Resource Management from St. John’s University. She’s practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1998. To share her message with the world, Pauline is the founder and co-host of The Soul Matrix on Blog Talk Radio.

Website: www.awakeningofthesoul.com
Facebook: Awakening of the Soul. The Soul Matrix on The Voice of Evolution Radio.

Pauline Capalbo is a teacher for The Master Shift. www.themastershift.com

Marilyn Pisano

Marilyn Pisano is a gifted Reiki Master Practitioner (RMP), Vibrational Healer (Tuning Forks), Intuitive, Automatic Writer and Channeler. She is is Starssed who works to help people awaken to their dreams and discover their divine purpose through Akashic Readings.

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