Upcoming Workshops and Events

Light Language Mudra Mantra Meditation | Saturday, January 6th, 13th and 27th
Psychic Gallery-Style Reading Event | Thursday, January 11th
Reiki Healing Circle | Thursday, January 18th
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life | Saturday, January 20th
Year of the Heart Truth 2018 Meditation | Sunday, January 21st
Kirtan and Sound Healing Event | Sunday, January 21st
Angelic Healing Circle | Thursday, January 25th
Consciousness Rising | Saturday, February 10th

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Light Language Mudra Mantra Meditation

Saturday, January 6
Saturday, January 13
Saturday, January 27
Exchange: $25.00

Space is limited; reserve your spot.
Text Dana: (631) 245-5705
Email: intuition.ny@gmail.com

Light Language Mudra Mantra MeditationLose Yourself, to Find Yourself.
Dana Livoti is a channeler and speaker of the Lemurian Light Language of the Heart. Through the practice of mudras, mantras and a shift in vibrational frequency through the portal of Light Language, we awaken the energies of liberation within us.

The Language of Light is a multidimensional form of telepathic communication that is innate within All Beings. Light language allows for pure communication directly with Source Consciousness without the static of the conditioned human mind. It facilitates the re-awakening of the Divine encoding of your soul’s blueprint.

Psychic Gallery-Style Reading Event
with Colleen

Thursday, January 11th
Exchange: $25.00

Seating is limited to 10 guests.
If interested, contact Dana at (631)245-5705
Reserve your space at intuition.ny@gmail.com

Psychic Gallery-Style Reading EventExperience a heartfelt connection with Spirit as Intuitive Psychic Medium Colleen Bjiornsson brings through messages of hope, healing, and joy from the other side in a gallery-style readings event.

Colleen Bjornsson is a psychic, medium as well as a spiritual awakening coach. She discovered her spiritual gifts at a very early age. Colleen did not understand the full power these gifts provided her which caused her to struggle with what the metaphysical world was attempting to teach her. As her years progressed, her spiritual pathway gave life to an incredible journey of passion and understanding that continues to unfold with each person set in her path.

Reiki Healing Circle

Led by: Marilyn Pisano and Nora Baruso

Thursday, January 11th
Exchange: $20.00

Call or text Marilyn: (631) 432-4147 to reserve your spot.

Reiki Healing CircleWe are all healers, and when we join our energies together, we heal ourselves, each other, and raise the vibration of the planet and all of it’s creatures.

Marilyn Pisano and Nora Baruso will lead you through a grounding and centering meditation followed by a Reiki healing circle. Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that balances the body, mind, and spirit. Join a community of like minded souls to heal on an emotional, physical, and spiritual plane.

Marilyn and Nora  are eager to share their knowledge and love. Everyone is welcome and fellow practitioners may join and share their gifts.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

With Donna Amber

Saturday, January 20th

Donna Amber

The Year of Heart Truth 2018 Meditation Class!

Sunday, January 21st
Exchange: $25

Contact Pauline Capalbo, PhD
Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Channel, Master Herbalist,
The Soul Matrix on blog talk radio

Year of the Heart 20182016 was the year of awareness of the heart center. 2017 was the year in which transformation of the heart began.  2018 will be a year in which we will learn to speak from the heart, and speak the truth of what’s within us. Our lower emotions speak of our separation from truth – LOVE.  Join us to learn how to bring lower emotions into the heart to transform and rise above them.  The heart must be opened and now is our time to delve deep into the heart space where unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and trust are ready to take a step up.

We will be joined by many Beings of Light including a touch of Star energy!


A Kirtan and Sound Healing Event

Join Singer and Sound Healers Stacy Frank and Rick Batyr

Sunday, January 21st
Exchange: $50

If interested, RSVP and RESERVE YOUR SEAT:
Text or call: 516-652-9523


Be a part of this unique, and first of its kind sound healing experience!  We will share an afternoon of Kirtan and musical meditation offering a unique sound healing experience. Come join with source energy, and co-create as we bring in divine healing and harmonic tones

Following a call and response kirtan, led by Stacy, participants will open to a live sound healing with Rick. Both Sound Healers will be immersed in music, sound and meditation as they invite you to join in the journey and experience overtones, harmonics and divinely inspired healing. Rick and Stacy will create a collaborative healing experience with gongs, singing bowls, percussion and vocals.

Quiet your mind, heal the body,  and explore the landscape of your inner being. The process will be highly interactive, as sound will facilitate your physical, mental and emotional  alignment.

As a group, participants become a symphony of vibration,  an orchestra of divine beings that tune each other in perfect harmony.


Angelic Healing Circle with Clare

Thursday, January 25th
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Register through Healthy Alchemy

Angelic Healing CircleJoin us this month for an Angelic Healing Circle and experience the Transformative Energy of the Archangels. Each month you will be introduced to a different Archangel and learn how this Angel can assist you in your life.

You will be gently guided into the Angelic Realm to connect with the Healing Energy, Love, Guidance and Encouragement of the Angels.

Learn how to raise your vibration to connect with different Angels by using music, essential oils and crystals. Begin harnessing this powerful energy source for yourself, others and the planet.

You will receive a different crystal each month as a gift.

  • Learn how to connect with the Angelic Realm and specific Angels
  • Activate your innate healing abilities
  • Learn how to send healing to your loved ones

Archangels are extremely powerful celestial beings. Each has a specialty and represents an aspect of God.
You can think of the archangels as facets on the face of God, the ultimate jewel and gem of the universe.
These facets, or archangels are prisms that radiate Divine light and Love in specific ways to everyone on earth.
Archangels work with people of all different beliefs and paths. In fact, they work with anyone who asks.
~ Archangels 101
Doreen Virtue

Number of Seats

Consciousness Rising
Cleanse. Journey. Attune.

Saturday, February 10th
Exchange $50 must be paid through PayPal to reserve your seat.

Space is limited to 11 participants.

Consciousness RisingCleanse your auric field from static, fragmented energies that are wanting to be released….
Journey into the depths of your soul’s pure intended creation…
Attune your frequency to your heart’s vibration.

Together, Rick Batyr and Dana Livoti will simultaneously channel Light and Sound to create a personalized and collective experience of Consiousness Rising.

Each participant will receive a personal Attunement within the energy of the Collective Healing Circle. As a Collective Group we will create a vortex of Energetic Alchemy. Energetic Alchemy transforms fractured energy into the magic of the Divine.

The languages of Light and Sound are universal and speak to us on a cellular level free from the static of mind chatter.

Light codes are energy patterns, sacred geometries, colors, sound waves, light patterns, and frequencies that all of creation emits. We are able to access them in multiple dimensions and octaves through light language and sound vibration.

When you allow Truth to speak through your Heart, you are Grace, Light, Freedom in fluid motion.

Rick is a sound medium, channeling spirit in order to create healing music and vibration for the good of all who listen.

Dana is a channeler who meets, receives, and expresses energy of non-physical beingness, She is a speaker of the Lemurian Light Language of the Heart.

Number of seats:

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