Learn to Channel: The Channel Within

Led by Dana Livoti

Kundalini Light Encoded Meditations

Learn to Channel: The Channel Within

spiritual channeler dana livoti
Led by Dana Livoti

In this course, you will explore:

What Is Channeling

How Can I Use Channeling

How to Achieve a Channeling State of Consciousness

  • Conscious and Unconscious Channeling States
  • Feeling the presence of your Guides

Translating Messages From Your Guides: Your Preferred Method of Communicating

  • Connecting to your predominant Clair
  • Channeling Stone Ceremony

Connecting with The Angles of Light Solar Star Activation

  • Experiential Channeling, Connecting to The Angels of Light
  • Experience the energy of The Angels of Light expressed through your own unique channel.
  • Opening Akashic Records of your Future Self

You will receive:

  • A copy of Learning to Channel
  • Four Recorded Channeled Explorations
  • Transcribed Text of Channels
  • Codes of Light Activations
  • Channeling Stone
  • Sacred Journal

Energy Exchange: $333

Location: Intuition
This workshop is a three hour immersion.

Text or Email Dana to reserve your space.

Text: (631) 245-5705
Email: Intuition.ny@gmail.com

29 Main Street
Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724
(631) 245-5705